Swone Conseil et assistance à maîtrise d’ouvrage pour le développement des entreprises liées aux activités portuaires et pour l’optimisation des logistiques de flux

About us

SWONE advises organisations in their strategy by integrating the full potential of maritime flows, port spaces and hinterland connections.

The firm provides a global response to the various matters of companies: analysis, strategy, project management, HR training and institutional relations. This advice is intended for maritime and port actors but is also for all companies that integrate flow transit logistics into their supply chain.

With more than 50 years of experience in the maritime and port sector, the management team has transferable expertise in many fields, over a wide operational and strategic spectrum: management, mastery of the freight, cargo and passenger trades, in-depth knowledge of regulatory, commercial and management constraints of maritime, port and river companies, etc.

We support manufacturers in the integration and deployment of flow strategies, companies and private operators in the development of their organisation and public authorities in understanding this economy, which is vital for our territory and its international influence.

Shared convictions :

  • Knowledge of the local networks, of the territory and their specificities
  • Convinced of the French know-how and its high potential for development
  • Understanding the reality and constraints of the maritime and port environment
  • Inspired by the lessons of the pandemic to propose a sourcing analysis and global or local arbitration

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The team

Jean-Luc WINTER, President                                                                                                                  Suliak AUBIN, Consultant

Jean-Luc Winter | LinkedIn                                                                                                                      Suliak Aubin | LinkedIn