Swone Conseil et assistance à maîtrise d’ouvrage pour le développement des entreprises liées aux activités portuaires et pour l’optimisation des logistiques de flux

Our expertise


We go all the way to the end of the consulting and assistance mission to the project owner and check that what has been implemented by our teams is in line with the initial analysis. We are keen to bring quick results in order to encourage changes within companies and to secure financing for the long term. We are keen to encourage companies and organisations involved in the territorial development. We believe that information and training are essential and therefore make it easier for all the collaborators in the company, both internal and external, to adopt new methods and new tools.


Develop specific strategies and actions’ plan for each company and ensure their implementation

  • Analyze the added value of the company
  • Promote short-term profitability
  • Study the adequacy of the customer offer
  • Establish sales and marketing actions’ plan
  • Coordinate IT, logistical and legal tools


Supporting companies in their internal structure and the deployment of new organisational systems

  • Supporting managers in their internal issues: management, leadership, trainging, recruitment etc…
  • Setting up the performance tools
  • Define or reconfigure the company’organization
  • Evaluate and federate temas within the framework of a new organization.


Increase the visibility of our corporate clients and facilitate their development through the deployment of private, institutional and associative networks

  • Generate and maintain relationships with corporate stakeholders
  • Consolidate and update the organization’s institutional network
  • Connect economic and institutionnal networks
  • Guide the communication process