Swone Conseil et assistance à maîtrise d’ouvrage pour le développement des entreprises liées aux activités portuaires et pour l’optimisation des logistiques de flux

Our commitments


For SWONE, responsibility is not just a word.

We are committed to our customers to ensure that the models we recommend are properly integrated. 

  • SYSTEMATIC VERIFICATION of the adequacy of the implementatin versus the initial diagnosis
  • SIGNIFICANT RESULTS visible from the first few months
  • INTEGRATING  a training and transmission approach
  • RESEARCH and implementation of secure technological tools
  • TAKING HUMAN CAPITAL INTO ACCOUNT in the design and deployment of solutions
  • FAST AND FLUID APPROPRIATION of new processes by the teams

Our missions, with a strong operational dimension, recommend:

Common solutions focused on the human factor

  • The advice we are proposing respects a shared balance for all involved parties
  • In this sens, we propose common solutions respecting human relations

Solutions rooted in reality and looking to the future

  • We generate ideas and innovations inspried by the field
  • We adapt them, set them up, and monitor their implementation until the management team and employees become autonomous
  • Our solutions make sens with the territory in which they are integrated
  • We provide pragmatic development recommendations based on in-depth analyses

Business and customer-oriented total solutions

  • We accompany our clients from the study/analysis phase to the concrete implementation of a new organisation, up to the training of teams
  • All collaborators are trained in the operation of the new tools implemented and are informed of their purpose for a quick and efficient appropration
  • We do not lose sight of the final objective, which is the satisfaction of consumers/users